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Tenet EC will provide homeowners with access to cutting-edge technology as well as other services

Sep 30

Tenet EC is one of the well-known option for property buyers due to its proximity to Tampines North MRT Station. The new MRT station is within walking distance of several stores which include IKEA's COURTS Megastore along with Giant Food Centre.

Find the perfect area that can meet the requirements of your family members and your close friends. Tenet EC could be a place that families and friends are able connect. What you're looking for will find in a place that puts you at ease, at work or at your home. It's simple to find areas to work or study. There are many options to choose from.

Possibility in Capital Growth
If you're looking to market your property in order to upgrade it to bigger homes or even cash to fund investments, purchasing direct with the developer is crucial. Buy low and then sell high.

Tenet EC could be the next company to join the alliance and be the first company to join. The alliance could begin in 2022. Tenet EC was launched on February 20th 20, 2022. The users will have access to the latest technology and other services offered through Tenet EC.

It is a safe and secure community. North Tampines Town community is well-maintained and secure. Residents are involved and productive in their community, however they also enjoy the chance to relax and unwind in this serene location. Tampines North Hub offers a array of facilities and services for residents. In the near future, Tampines North Hub will be transformed into an official hub.

Tampines North Station Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that offers the most convenient mobility and accessibility across all islands. Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre as well as Tampines North Station, as along with the well-established Tampines Regional Centre, provide support for businesses.

Tampines North EC is located at Tampines St 62 (Parcel A) A well-established estate that has a range of amenities which are accessible by foot such as Coffee Shop, Poly Clinic and an educational institution.