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Some words of advice for loading a moving truck

Apr 11

You are now ready to move. Now it's time to load your truck. Make sure your belongings don't get damaged when you load your truck. Take Off Moving has some great tips.

1. First - most often - are the most expensive and heavy items.

An item is heavy or large when more than one person has to transport it. The first thing you should do is load them into your truck.

Make sure that you have everything in order before you load it into your truck. There's a lot to consider.

2. load longer items

Now it's time to load the longer items. Longer items like headboards, boxes springs and mattresses can be placed vertically against truck's longest walls. Stringing these items together can make them more secure.

3. Take the furniture with you

Once heavy furniture has been placed, you can begin loading it.

Some of the disassembled parts can be used to pack large carpets.

4. Heavy and large boxes

Place boxes on top of appliances and furniture.

5. Fragile items and smaller boxes

Next you can place smaller boxes or fragile items inside the truck. If you don't have enough space, place the lighter boxes vertically on top of the heavier ones.

6. Everything else should be taken care of

Stuffed bags stuffed with clothes, linens, and light items will last. Use these lightweight, nonfragile items to stuff furniture into spaces that allow it to slide.

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